Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quick Update

The lack of posts is not indicative of all problems being

Actually, we've been dealing with a host of new problems, the kind that no insurance covers. It's pretty normal to have attendants rotate out of our lives. Sometimes it comes in waves, this month was one of those times. Although I was a bit panicked to find out that both of our experienced attendants would be leaving at once, Keith was quite calm. He's been dealing with this his entire life. I had already taken over the afternoon shift (2-8p) so that we could stretch our budget a bit further. I could do any of the tasks needed to keep Keith safe & comfortable. Unfortunately I am not able to get Keith into his wheelchair myself so his movement to other parts of the house and beyond was severely limited. So, my working that shift was not ideal, but at least Keith & I got to spend more time together.

We placed an ad on Craig's List and were overwhelmed with the large number of responses. Some very high quality people were excited at the possibility of working with Keith, not only to strengthen their caregiving skills, but also to learn about life from his perspective. We were able to get two new attendants hired and trained by last week. The new shift is 9a-4p which eventually me to get out of the house & be more productive financially (and maybe even work out a few times a week.) Until the new attendants are completely comfortable in the work, I need to be here for support and direction. I will continue to cover the 4-8pm shift until we can get Keith enrolled in the Medicaid Buy-in plan and (hopefully) get some of the hours covered.

While all this is going on, the project I have been incubating since April 17, 2002 has a serious funding opportunity which will bring a great (and much needed) financial windfall to our lives. Naturally, it will require a lot of my time as well. This is something I've been preparing for since 2002 and I'm fortunate to have a husband who wants me to pursue this dream to its highest level. I know that there are folks out there who don't get me or understand what I do. To them, I can only say, watch!

We'll update this blog as we can. Big news will be shared...we promise!

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