Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another Humana policy you should know about.

On Tuesday March 10th my father was rushed to the Christus Spohn hospital in Corpus Christi.

In the short time that we were still hopeful that he could be stabilized, we hoped to have him moved to Austin where my sister & I could spend more time with him as he healed. The social worker at Christus Spohn worked that end of the information gathering and we had two great doctors here in Austin ready to be Dad's admitting doctor once the transfer was okayed.

The social worker did her best, but sadly informed us that Dad's Humana coverage was only regional, so even if we could physically bring him to Austin, none of his medical needs would be covered until April 1st since any requested changes go into effect at the first of the month.

In our case, dad never stabilized, and passed away in Corpus Christi on March 14th.

One of the many lessons we learned out of this tragic incident, is that you need to be sure that everyone you care about has PPO insurance so they can get medical support when and where they need it.

Taking it a bit further, I'd love to find the insurance company that would waive the timing requirement so that patients could be transferred to a hospice or other facility near their family when their time here on Earth is short.

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