Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rude Awakening by a guy who was NOT sober at any party!

Keith's PCA Ken knocked on our door at 6:30 this morning and said "I think my truck has been stolen and Ruth's car is totaled" I went outside and I was speechless. Apparently, a drunk driver had jumpe d the curb, hit the back of my car and rammed into Ken's truck with such force that it was knocked into the street. His truck wasn't stolen, it had been towed by APD. With the insulation of the house and the noise of the machines back here in bedroom, we didn't hear a thing. Here's the story from the neighbors: This guy was speeding down the street, jumped the curb, lost control and wiped out the cars. After he saw what happened, he jumped out of his car, ran down the street taking his clothes off and tried to get into his house which is just around the corner. Our neighber down the street, chased after him, grabbed him and held him for the police. The driver is booked into Travis County Jail. He has a whole slew of charges including possession of marijuana, driving while intoxicated and failure to stop and give information. Oh, yeah, he also doesn't seem to have insurance. We're waiting for Progressive to call back. Here are some photos of the damage, thank God none of us was hurt.

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