Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thank you for shopping at Mayo...

My friend Margaret  just got back from the Mayo Clinic. You can learn more about why she went on her facebook group page To Find the True Cause of My Crippling Fatigue Crazy.

Here's her report on what happened:

just prior to going to the mayo clinic, my symptoms exacerbated: i had a mylar rash, felt like i had a fever (sometimes chills, too), and once experienced warmth in my legs.

Mayo reminded me of that movie Gattica. There were no sick-looking people, or people w/ oxygen or no hair; just old people. The first physician I saw promptly told me he would not accept my saliva or other samples, indicating low sIga, b/c they were not deemed accurate. He then interrupted me as I began my symptom list and told me neither chronic fatigue or another new bodily symptom I cited "would be addressed." He then handed me a 2-year old printed-off-the-internet article (not even the Mayo article) on Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (really!?). Then he made me an appointment with the psychiatrist. Due to an emergency, he was unable to meet w/ me the following day, but a different, and very kind physician did. I asked if my new & weird symptoms had an explanation (shogren's, as my current doctor thought, Lupus, due to the rash, etc.), and he said, "yes, chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome." I asked if this meant my immune system was more susceptible, and he said, "no." I asked how I was supposed to take care of my children if I can't lift my head, and he said, "I'm so sorry." I get that there's little interest in helping tired women, but 10 vials of blood later, armed with only a high iron content and possibly a low Vitamin D level (again), they were content to send me home (kick me out). They didn't even have the results of my circadian pee test (everyone holds a GAP drawstring-looking bag w/ a jug that holds their pee in it). That was the highlight: the nurse who handed me the bag with the jug said, "Thank you for shopping at Mayo."

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